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Olives: The Life and Lore of a Noble Fruit

  • Author:
    Rosenblum, Mort
  • Publisher:
    North Point Press, New York, 1998
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North Point Press, New York, 1998. Book condition: fine. Minor shelf wear only. In 1986 Mort Rosenblum bought a small overgrown farm in Provence. With it, he discovered, came 150 neglected olive trees that were old when the Sun King ruled France. His neighbours, characters from Pagnol with skills dating back to Pliny, helped him to bring his grove back to life. Rosenblum became obsessed with olives. Among olive growers and oil makers, he found a whole new world of humour and wisdom. From his base in Provence, Rosenblum journeyed to the outposts of olivedom: from Andulusia to the Holy Land; up Moroccan mountains and across Greek Islands; from Tuscan palazzos to Californian wine country and forgotten groves in the Mexican desert; to the disputed borders of Bosnia. Along the way Rosenblum finds local politics reflected in the lush olive groves uprooted in Israel, the Mafia grip on the Italian trade, Spanish growers being forced to label their oil as Italian, and poor growers in Tunisia storing their finest in Pepsi bottles. He also records the continuing romance and passion olive growers feel for their work. This is a witty and lyrical look at the Mediterranean world and a homage to the olive.
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