A Help to English History by P. Heylyn D. D.

One of our older books printed for T. Basset, London in 1680 with an interesting provenance.

The book contains 'A succession of all the Kings of England, the English Saxons and the Britains; the Kings and Princes of Wales, the Kings and Lords of Man, the Isle of Wight: as also of all the Dukes, Marquesses, Earls and Bishops thereof with the Description of the places from whence they had their Titles; together with the Names, and Ranks of the Viscounts, Barons and Baronets of England.' 

The book was printed for T. Basset, at the George in Fleet-street, and C. Wilkinson in the Black-Boy over against Saint Dustan's Church. 1680. 

The book is in very good condition. Rebound in late eighteenth century vellum with marbled end papers. The book is tightly bound with two manuscript leaves headed 'Barons of England' inserted between pages 564 and 565. There is a final advertisement leaf on p635 which has a hand-written Catalogue of the present Dukes & Earles on the recto. The advertisement leaf explains that the first edition of this book 'came forth under the borrowed name of Rob. Hall, Gent. Anno 1641 for some reason best known to the Author thereof, Peter Heylin D. D. and by him deduced to the year 1652. since which the whole hath been revised and continued under their several heads ti this present Year 1680. with the seals of the Archbishops and Bishops Sees, as also the Paternal Coats of Arms of the Nobility Blazon'd.'

There are many annotations neatly inscribed throughout in ink which update much of the information to the eigtheenth and nineteenth centuries. These are believed to have been mainly added by Sir Isaac Heard (1730 - 1822) who was a long-serving officer at the College of Arms in London. Sir Isaac began his heraldic career as Bluemantle Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary. He went on to hold the posts of Lancaster Herald of Arms in Ordinary, Norroy King of Arms and Brunswick King of Arms. In 1784 he was appointed Garter Principal King of Arms. It was in this capacity that he helped to plan the funeral of Horatio Nelson. Sir Isaac Heard continued as Garter until his death in 1822 at the age of 91.

A fascinating and historically important book. Book size approx 3.25" x 6'', 635 pages. 

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