Paul Gallico died 40 years ago on July 15th 1976

The American novelist Paul Gallico, son of the Italian concert pianist Paulo Gallico, died forty years ago on the 15th July. Gallico's career as a writer was famously launched by his interview with the boxer Jack Dempsey. Gallico challenged Dempsey to spar with him and this led to Gallico discovering what it felt like to be knocked out by a heavyweight champion. It wasn't until his late thirties that Paul Gallico abandoned sports writing for fiction. 

Gallico is probably most famous for  'The Poseidon Adventure", though this prompted little critical comment at the time. He is also renowned for his novella 'The Snow Goose'. This, like some of his other stories, was an expanded version of his work for magazines. 'The Snow Goose' is a story of Dunkirk but contains no details of assaults on beaches. It is, instead, a delicate and haunting story of the space and silence of the Essex marshes. Gallico also wrote non-fiction, including 'The Hurricane Story'. This is the biography of one of the greatest British fighter planes of World War II. It is the story of an aircraft that came to personify courage, toughness and audacity.

Paul Gallico left the United States to live elsewhere and spent a period of time in the seaside town of Salcombe in Devon. He also lived in Antibes, in France, where he died. 

His output was large: 41 books, numerous short stories, 20 theatrical movies, 12 TV movies and many articles. We find that his books, when they do come into stock, tend to sell rather quickly, attesting to his enduring popularity. Currently we have a first edition of 'The Hurricane Story', 1959,  and a 1948 19th impression of 'The Snow Goose' in stock. See our website for full details.

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