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A Hope For Poetry

Day Lewis, Cecil


A Literary History of The English People. From the Origins to the Civil War. Complete in Three Volumes.

Jusserand, J. J.


Anonymity: A Secret History of English Literature

Mullan, John


Cooper's Landscapes: An Essay on The Picturesque Vision

Nevius, Blake


Critical Theory & Practice: A Course Book

Green, Keithand LeBihan, Jill


Dangerous Pilgrimages: Trans-Atlantic Mythologies & the Novel

Bradbury, Malcolm


Desert Islands and Robinson Crusoe (from the library of Hamo Sassoon)

De la Mare, Walter


Early Irish Literature

Dillon, Myles


From Virgil to Milton

Bowra, C. M.


Half Savage and Hardy and Free: Women and Rural Radicalism in the Nineteenth Century Novel

Weissman, Judith


Illustrations of Early English Popular Literature. Two volume set.

Collier, J. Payne (editior)


James Joyce (Twayne's English Authors Series)

Litz, A. Walton


John Galsworthy (Writers of the Day series)

Kaye-Smith, Sheila


John Galsworthy; An Appreciation together with A Bibliography


Lawrence Durrell: A Study

Fraser, G. S.


Other Colours: Essays and a Story

Pamuk, Orhan


Strictly English

Heffer, Simon


The Gentle Barbarian: The Life and Work of Turgenev

Pritchett, V. S.


The Guardian Stylebook

Marsh, David and Marshall, Nikki


The Lighting of the Lamps

Hill, Susan


The Literary Companion to Sex: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry

Pitt-Keithley, Fiona


The Nineteenth Century Novel: Identities

Walder, Denis (editor)


The Writer's Workbook: 2nd edition

Newman, Jenny, Edmund Cusick & Aileen La Tourette


Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Novel: What to read and how to write.

Smiley, Jane


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